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Empathy and compassion, for ourselves and others.

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Compassion Made Simple

When you’re focused on any activity, whether it’s your email, listening to a friend or sitting in a formal meditation practice, your mind is bound to wander. In The Now Effect I in…
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I Am

The Shift is About to Hit the FanBy Tom ShadyacFilm director Tom Shadyac had it all — a successful film career (Ace Ventura; Liar, Liar; Bruce Almighty), a series of California man…
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Forty-Two Ways to Nourish Your Soul

My spirituality is switched on when I live with a willingness to see God in the everyday. I am fully alive, and the most ordinary moment can feed my soul. For me, one key is finding the spiritual practices that are right for me. I practice my faith in community; I watch and listen to those whose switches seem to be in the on position. I notice the simple yet elegant ways people connect with the Divine. I begin to borrow the practices that appeal to me.

The Quest for Justice, Part I

As any detective knows, when something is missing that should be present, a void where there should be a plenum, it is an important clue. Like the archetypal philosophical detective Socrates, I set out to discover what had happened to justice. Had it disappeared from modern minds, hearts, and conversation? Or merely from the consciousness of New Age pilgrims?

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Compassionate Divorce

My lifelong effort to understand and practice the art of loving has led me to write two books on the subject. Since it might he assumed that I consider myself an authority on agape, Eros, and philia, it is with considerable embarrassment that I report that my two marriages one of 17 years and the other of 25 years ended in divorce.

I offer these reflections on the possibility of creating a loving divorce not as an expert but as a candidate and a continuing student of the difficulties of loving. You will notice that there are no personal details in the article that follows. You are invited to read between the lines. I hope that, in time, I will learn from the theoretical wisdom and insight of the author of The Passionate Life and To Love and Be Loved and become a better practitioner of the art of abiding love.

The Power of a Few to Help Lighten Your Load

Princeton sociologist Robert Wuthnow finds that 37% of us have recently had serious conflicts with a spouse or partner, 36% are moving past something painful in our upbringing, and 32% face serious conflicts at work. Most of us (60%) are trying to forgive someone else and nearly half of us are trying to forgive ourselves. In other words, we Americans are carrying a lot. As it turns out, those who seek help in groups do better than those who try it alone.

Without the support of a group, you miss the opportunity to gain new perspective through the experience of others.

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