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Growing the Mind to Heal the Brain

How an ancient Buddhist tradition offers a path to complete recovery from addiction

<em>Edit Article</em> Growing the Mind to Heal the Brain

Illustration Credit: Thicket by Japneet Kaur

Looking back, I realize that abuse transformed a good little kid into a mentally troubled alcoholic. After living that way for 20 years, I joined AA on the off chance a sober life might be possible. One year into my recovery I met my Buddhist teacher and began to meditate and practice the Buddhist philosophy of mind—the most profound and useful psychology I had ever encountered. Three years later came a wholly unexpected emergence from the misery of addiction. I could breathe freely, and with that came a sense of enduring peace and the certainty I would never drink again. The experience of my own recovery permitted me to evolve in my subsequent professional practice a completely new understanding of the relationship between the brain and mind.What I have come to understand is that my personal journey connects all the necessary dots about how addiction arises and how it can be cured. In most instances, adult addiction starts with childhood abuse, which damages the brain and creates the functional abnormalities of mood and thinking that drive most addiction and mental illness in adults. When I began my me …

David Hendricks, MD, recently gave a Traverse City, Michigan, TEDx Talk on this subject and is currently working on a book. 

By David Hendricks MD. Click here for more!

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