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100+ Books We Love

Dive in to our special section on 100+ books we love.

Book Review: Breath

“Respiration,” Nestor writes, “can also lead to restoration.”

Book Review: Death Is But a Dream

“The prejudices of present-day medical training have caused an inability to see dying as anything but failure,” writes Christopher Kerr in Death Is But a Dream, “and they compromis…

Book Review: Neurodharma

We can leverage mental tools to tap into desired feelings of calm, contentment, peace, focus, and non-judgement, and move away from stress and anxiety.

Book Review: The Buddhist on Death Row

How one prisoner learned the power of Buddhism’s fundamental message: that all beings experience pains and troubles, but we can learn to reduce how much suffering we derive from them.

Book Review: The Power of Heart

Reason and intellect are great, but when you feel like giving up, heart matters, according to Dr. Amy Bloch.

Book Review: What Are We Supposed to Be Eating?

The world of food has gotten so complicated these days. Should you stick to the Mediterranean diet or give Whole30 a go? Is veganism better than vegetarianism? Should you fast intermittently, track your macros, or try carb cycling? Wait, what is carb cycling? These two books cut through the clutter and provide nutritional clarity.

Film Review: Becoming Nobody

This film adds another chapter to the Ram Dass story through archival footage and an extensive interview with the filmmaker.

Music Review: 2020

After devoting the bulk of the lyrics on her 2018 album Secularia to spirituality and mortality, Austin, Texas, folk singer Eliza Gilkyson has resumed her role as town crier. …

Music Review: Bloom

Areni Agabian fuses unusual influences to create an album that is sparse, spacious, and full of light.

Music Review: Bon Iver

Bon Iver completes its quarter of albums corresponding to the four seasons with a "contemplative mood befitting a group of songs that collectively represent autumn."

Music Review: Earth

If there was ever any doubt that Radiohead wouldn’t be Radiohead without guitarist Ed O’Brien, he annihilates it within the first 20 seconds of “Shangri-La,” the kickoff track…

Music Review: Popular Problems

Popular Problems Leonard CohenColumbia Records “Let me catch my breath. I thought we had all night,” Leonard Cohen intones in “Slow,” the opening track from his latest co…

Our Favorites: Books That Changed the Way We Think

By the S&H StaffThe Open Mind by Dawna MarkovaThe Open Mind taught me that an important discussion with my husband would yield better results if we talked while we hiked instea…

Product Review: Sustainable Feminine Products from GladRags

Take your power back and eliminate waste during your menstrual cycle with a menstrual cup and cloth pantyliners from today’s leader in reusable feminine products.

re/VIEW: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Jimmie Dale Gilmore talks with S&H about his unusual career and his own personal journey.

Reviews: January/February 2011

Books, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine MorrisBOOKS- Meditation for the Love of ItEnjoying Your Own Deepest Experienceby Sally Kempton / Sounds True - Son of a Farmer, Chi…

Reviews: July/August 2011

Books, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine MorrisBOOKS- The Self-Compassion DietA Step-by-Step Program to Lose Weight with Loving-Kindnessby Jean Fain, LICSW, MSW / Sounds Tr…

Reviews: March/April 2011

Books, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine MorrisBOOKS- Rebel BuddhaOn the Road to Freedomby Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche / Shambhala Publications - The Shaman SpeaksHow to Use t…

Reviews: May/June 2011

Books, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine MorrisBOOKS- One-Moment MeditationStillness for People on the Goby Martin Boroson / Winter Road Publishing - Praying for StrangersA…

Reviews: September/October 2011

Books, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine MorrisBOOKS- Spirit JunkieA Radical Road to Self-Love and Miraclesby Gabrielle Bernstein / Harmony Books - When Religion Becom…

River of Fire: My Spiritual Journey

Sister Helen Prejean is famous for her book Dead Man Walking. In this volume, she looks back on her childhood in Baton Rouge and her early career.

S-Trip Reviews: Transformative Travel: CUBA!

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The Island of Vitality

A place to get right and write

The Ungrateful Refugee

"In an Oklahoma church, a woman condescendingly told her, 'You came for a better life.' Nayeri writes, 'I thought I’d pass out—a better life? In Isfahan, we had yellow spray roses, a pool. A glass enclosure shot up through our living room, and inside that was a tree … life in Iran was a fairytale.'”

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