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Entries tagged with “Wine”

Film Review: Natural Resistance

Natural ResistanceDirected by Jonathan NossiterGOATWORKS FILMSMore than a decade ago, director Jonathan Nossiter released Mondovino, an ambitious, fascinating documentary look at t…

If It’s Not Organic, It’s Not Really Bordeaux

Wine lovers will certainly recognize terroir as the enigmatic French term for soil, topography, climate, and other natural (and supernatural) traits of a particular vineyard. In fa…

Preserve Biodiversity— Drink Portuguese Wines

Europeans think “region first” when ordering wine. Buyers have to know, for instance, the varieties of grapes used in wines listed as Sancerre, Bordeaux, and Rioja. In the U.S., ho…

The Sweet Taste of Ancient Winemaking

The ancient world may have struggled with written language, antibacterial medications, and a workable system of democratic governance, but they certainly solved the riddle of makin…

Why We Remember Days with Wine and Chocolate

Protect Your Brain with Things You LoveNew research links moderate consumption of wine, chocolate, and tea with improved cognitive function and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease …

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