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Entries tagged with “Time”

3 Ways to Make Friends with Time

Access vast reservoirs of hidden time.

Got a Busy Schedule? You May Not Need More Time, Just Energy and Perspective

Do you keep a running to-do list that never seems to end?  Do self-directed commands such as “send emails” or “write resume” or “buy salad ingredients” always end up on tomorr…

Insider's Guide to 21st-Century Spirituality

Both new and old approaches to the spiritual quest have strengths and weaknesses. I pray that in the 21st century we will finally learn how to teach the children the age-old tenets of love, harmony, and beauty, and that the fruits of our efforts will be loving people, living in harmony, on a beautiful earth.

Living in Threshold Times

Apocalypse actually means “unveiling” — the emergence of new things. And even though change can feel like the end of the world, it inspires some surprising guides who thrive on the spiritual edge. They can teach us the art of Living in Threshold Times.

Moments of Grace

Since the Big Bang itself, creation has known a handful of moments with the potential to change everything. At the millennium, we face just such a moment— and humans are the cosmic force that will make the difference for good or ill.

Navigating in Time

For centuries the biggest obstacle to navigating the globe was the lack of an accurate clock. Nowadays, our lives are ruled by clocks and the biggest obstacle to health and happiness may be our mechanistic understanding of time. Here, a research psychologist and lifelong seeker blends science and ancient wisdom to create a new chart of time a “Presence Profile.” Use it to re-experience the winds and currents of time. Set a course toward more rewarding working styles, deeper relationships, and greater appreciation of the ordinary, the spontaneous, and the divine.

The Millennium Games

The brain science is clear that my eyes are not cameras recording the glittering spectacle of you. Nor are you some sort of mirror that allows me to glimpse some part of my “true” self. Seeing you, I am, at least in that moment, at your mercy to be beautiful or ugly, brilliant or stupid, a mouse to manipulate, or an image of God.

Time and Money

My husband works all the time, and I’m a stay-at-home mother. He says he is working to maintain our lifestyle and future retirement, and I say that our children’s lives are passing…

Yes, Virginia, You Are (more or less) at the Center of the Universe (It's all a matter of scale)

From unimaginably large to infinitesimal, the universe cannot be pictured because it is outside us, not bounded by time, and not restricted to the frequencies we can see.

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