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Entries tagged with “The Body”

10 Moves to Relax and Uplift Your Body

Feeling depleted, frenzied or stiff? 10 easy moves to relax your mind and uplift your energy

16 Affirmations For Loving Your Body

What if we were to practice radical self-acceptance?

A Symphony of Movement

It wasn’t so long ago that the aging brain was considered a done deal. The scientific community told us that with aging, the capacity of our brain diminished, and once that happene…

Audio Meditation: Listening with the Body

In this guided meditation, follow prompts to inquire into your body's truth.

Balance Your Body’s PH

How simple changes to your diet can reduce the effect of acid-forming foods.

February: The Body

February: The Body Challenge

After exploring the stories and resources on this page, consider the ways you can hone your awareness of your body and create new habits for optimal health: celebrate your body with daily affirmations, attend a qigong class, or learn how to layer the groundwork for a healthier diet in The Medicine in Your Kitchen: Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking.

Share your progress with the hashtag #FebTheBody and tag @spirithealthmag.

For a Positive Body Image, Choose Self-Compassion over Self-Esteem

“Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.” —Diane Von Furstenberg A new study by researchers at the University of Waterloo has …

Hello Sensation: An Audio Meditation for Befriending Your Body

This meditation is a practice of honoring and acknowledging the range of complex sensations and emotions that may be present at any given moment.

Learn to Speak the Language of the Body

Discover foundational principles that will help you understand your body and establish healthy patterns.

Learning How to Love Your Body

Journaling can transform not only my physical health, but also emotional and spiritual health.

Our Grieving Body

An excerpt from You Are Not Alone: A Heartfelt Guide for Grief, Healing, and Hope .

Releasing the Emotional Roots of Back Pain

Finding relief from the pain is one thing, but finding a way to free yourself from the underlying cause is something else.

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