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Entries tagged with “Study”

A New Option for Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting is trendy. But does it work?

A Root Cause of Pessimism, Revealed

New research could lead to better treatment of anxiety and depression.

A Surprising Perk of Anxiety

Reasonable levels of anxiety boost the memory, a new study shows.

Another Reason to Snuggle

Is cuddling going to regulate your gut bacteria? New research suggests yes.

Are You Dream Deprived?

Skimping on sleep means we’re also missing out on the crucial dream stages of sleep.

Aspirin May Ward off Alzheimer’s

Low-dose aspirin may potentially help, a new study suggests.

Breath is Fertilizer for the Brain

The yogis have been right, scientists say.

Can You Wire Your Brain for Creativity?

Maybe. Some people seem to engage networks that don’t usually team together.

CBD for Migraines

Can this trendy ingredient work to relieve headache pain? Let’s find out.

Close to the Ground: The Great and Mighty Ango

The first thing about spiritual practice is that, for it to work, we have to do it. An obvious truth. The second thing about spiritual practice is that we need to do it regularly—m…

Does Jerky Make You Manic?

There’s a strange link between meat and your mind.

Drink Yer Spinach!

Get the most lutein by juicing this green super vegetable.

Easing the Burden of Spousal Caregiving

Feeling appreciated is the key to lowering stress, according to a new study.

For Pain Relief, Join Hands

Reach out and touch your loved one, suggests a new study.

Genes Control Our Dreaming

How much REM and non-REM sleep we get appears to be controlled by a pair of genes.

Good News on Bad Moods

There’s a surprising upside to those crabby and irritable moments.

Good News! One Workout Does Make a Difference

A workout can change the brain for up to 48 hours.

How Aging Can Drive Progress for Humans

There are some surprising benefits to our globally aging population

How Brainwaves Boost Our Creativity

Certain electrical activity suppresses the obvious

How Mindfulness Helps Caregivers More Than Positive Psychology

When success is “The first time I have not cried all the way to the mailbox…”

How to Dispel False Beliefs

Research sheds light into how we decide what’s accurate.

How to Make Life Transitions Easier

Ending a chapter feels less upsetting when we have a well-rounded ending.

Is Your Personality Healthy?

A new study helps define what a healthy personality looks like.

Left-Handed Mental-Health Treatment

When being a southpaw matters, medically.

Men and Women in the Eco System

Gender affects how we value and use natural resources.

Menopause, Check!

Seize this midlife point as a mile marker for better heart health.

Mind-Body Therapies for Migraine Sufferers

Mind-body therapies you might not be taking advantage of.

Mindfulness for Menopause Relief

Being aware of the present moment may reduce certain symptoms.

Nap Your Way to a New Language

You don’t need to be conscious to learn—who knew?

Nip Regret in the Bud

Practical suggestions to avoid that nagging sensation of regret.

Optimism Helps the Heart

Psychological wellbeing helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

Preserving Indigenous Storytelling

Holding on to cultural folklore can be an important tool in sustaining biodiversity. 

Problem Solved… Uh oh.

As we reduce our problems, our perception of them changes.

Rethinking Plastic, Yet Again

Avoiding BPA bottles may not be enough, according to new research.

Shameful Secrets Haunt Us the Most

This emotion can consume our thoughts.

Sharing Is Contagious

A new study sheds light on why humans do or do not cooperate.

The Risks of Disrupted Circadian Rhythms

Disrupted circadian rhythms play a bigger role than previously thought in our health.

The Spiritual Practice of Study

In my spiritual life, study is perhaps my most important practice.

The Surprising Reason You’re Tired

Some sleeping woes can be blamed on the Internet.

Train Your Brain for Good Habits

Repetition is key, research reports.

Using a Bucket List for Goal Setting

Turn your wildest dreams into forward motion.  

Vaccinate Against Stress

Beneficial bacteria may become the basis for an immunization.

Why False Beliefs Stick

Science explains why people cling to ideas, even when they have contradictory evidence.

Why We Procrastinate

Brain structures may explain this personality tendency.

Your Eyes Reveal Your Personality

Eye movements give insight into more than just sight.

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