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Entries tagged with “Self-Test”

A Self-Test to Find Your Spiritual Type

Grab a pencil and paper to take this self-test, which appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of Spirituality & Health. Before you venture far to experience other communities in th…

Creativity that Lasts

Leadership guru Mel Toomey conducted careful studies of situations where extraordinary results had been achieved. He and his colleagues have developed a system called Generative Leadership, enabling leaders to transcend many of the obstacles inherent in complex situations, frequently with transformative results.

Getting the Most From Your 30-Second Therapy (Self-Test)

Great commercials tap into our deepest desires, creating cravings for gizmos we didn’t even know we wanted. Here, a top ad consultant shows how to use advertising archetypes to own yourself rather than buy more stuff.

How Alive Is the Helping Connection?

Volunteering is one way to a healthier life, reveals a survey conducted by Spirituality & Health. More than 80 percent say their tense nation’s overall stress would decrease if personal-contact helping grows.

Self-Test: Try Your Hand at the Magic of Managing Your Life

Grab a pencil and paper for this self-test!

Spirituality Becomes "Resilience" and Joins the U.S. Army (Includes Self-Test)

In our preview issue, we were the first to publish a self-test to measure the strength of our connection to what theologian Paul Tillich called the “Ground of Being,” our spiritual core. Then a U.S. Army chaplain took the test in the magazine and phoned its creator, psychologist Jared Kass. Much to everyone's surprise, that test has since joined the Army and has been helping to save lives among our troops.

Stress and the Sacred

Examine powerful stereotypes that have shaped our concept of mental health and well-being — literally what it means to be at our best — and the spiritual dimensions of coping.

The Enlightened Diet

Even though we count calories, watch our weight, and figure fat grams, Americans are the fattest people in the world. Perhaps we've forgotten that food is more than an amalgam of nutrients. Along with healing us physically, it enhances emotions, satisfies the soul, and connects us to others and to the mystery of life.

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