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Entries tagged with “Questions”

7 Questions to Help Connect Us to Our Truth and Integrity

Adapted from The Integrity Advantage: Step into Your Truth, Love Your Life, & Claim Your Magnificence 

Gadfly Spirituality

A gadfly is a biting insect reputed to drive animals mad. Twenty-five hundred years ago, the “Lord of the Gadflies” was a philosopher, Socrates, whose biting dialogues launched our Western intellectual tradition. But we forget that he was also a spiritual teacher with powerful tools to nurture our souls.

Letters from the Heart

On tour for her book, The Seeker's Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure, Elizabeth Lesser faced these questions as she traveled across the country. "These are the big questions of the hour," she says. "And it seemed to me that Huston Smith would make an ideal partner for further explorations. We began discussing them over lunch when he was teaching at Omega Institute. I followed up with a letter, and he graciously replied. Several letters later, I realized that we had built up a correspondence worth sharing…."

Managing Your Life

Hoshin is a Japanese word roughly meaning both internal compass and personal North Star and is a practice designed to break through apparent chaos to find a hidden higher order and direction.

Hoshin almost always starts with a question, and you want to choose a question that really excites you, where you would feel phenomenal if you woke up living the answer to that question.

Prepare to Listen

An Interview with Krista Tippett

Questions About Life and Creative energy

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Rabbi Rami: How to Talk with My Astronomer Daughter about God?

Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler

Ten Ways to Use Tarot in Your Everyday Life

Excerpted from The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

The 'Sometimes' Feeling in Life

When you start on the most important, wondrous journey of self-discovery and unwrap the gift of yourself, you not only light up your life, you also lighten the burden of ‘sometimes’ in others just by being you!

What You Ask is Who You Are

Is the humble question the divine spark that transubstantiates brain into mind and spirit? To recover your birthright to the adventure of becoming and individual, throw the net of your inquiring mind as wide as possible.

You're Already the Master of a Craft. But Which Is It?

Last night in the intensive-care unit, someone said of the patient we were visiting: "He was a master of his craft."That craft was drinking. Jaundice made the patient, now sedated,…

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