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Entries tagged with “Our Community Journal”

A Dear Friend and a Dazzling Inner Light

What does a meaningful friendship look like and do you value it when it comes along?

A Gay Marriage in a Catholic Church

We needed a miracle, and received one...

Are You Ready for Kindergarten?

In the summer of 2002 we invited our readers to take two leaps of faith first by writing a personal essay, and then by letting us read it. We received many wonderful entries. Here’s one of our favorites.

Destiny is Just A Word

When we let it flow through, beauty and abundance can flourish from one moment to every moment that will follow it.

Feed the Birds

Now the cue for this parable: the crusty hot Cuban bread is placed to the left of every guest . . .

Have I Lived

When our inner critic oversteps its bounds, pause with true reflection and rest in your radiance.

Learning to See: The Soul of Alzheimer's

How quickly a change in perspective can dramatically alter what you see.

My Two-Hour Hug Fest

The lumberjack of a stranger and I embraced like old friends after a long absence. His awkward smile mirrored mine as we released each other, but I was surprised by my sense of euphoria.

Our Community Journal: “Come with me, little lady.”

The shop owner motioned toward the back of the shop.

Our Community Journal: A Glass of Water

A retired English teacher's touching, and timely, memory of his mother's kindness.

Our Community Journal: A Mother’s Legacy

I picked up my mother early on an April morning last year to begin her birthday celebration.  She was ready and waiting dressed in a gay blue-green polyester blouse with neat …

Our Community Journal: Carrying the Karma

Reflections on the journey of our feet

Our Community Journal: Do we pray too much?

If he knows our needs before we ask, why then should we ask?

Our Community Journal: Meet Me on the Mountain

"With the snow falling and wind howling, I stand up with certainty and clarity. I meet myself on top of the mountain. I celebrate the energy of my life."

Our Community Journal: Restoration to Flight

One woman's journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis has served as a spiritual blessing and teacher.

Our Community Journal: The Light of the Moon

Exploring the Healing Energies of Music

Our Community Journal: The Real Life of Life Coaching

On being “an advocate, an activist for the expression of Love in all its forms . . .”

Stepping Out of Grief

When we have walked in darkness for so long, we are sometimes allowed to step into a parallel world.


Sometimes by doing nothing, we can be everything.

The Catalyst

One rather innocuous experience delivered the most exhilarating, victorious, and perfect moments of my life.

The Power of Compassion

What does it mean to be a good friend? What would that feel like? How beneficial self-compassion can become.

Writing Myself Back to Life

The truth? Yes. That is what I believe is the magic of writing, what makes it a healing art — when we know ourselves with such intimacy and candor, we may flinch, but we do not run.

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