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Entries tagged with “Listening”

4 Ways to Increase Your Empathy

“Empathy will not heal the hurt world overnight, but can at least make life more interesting. Try these strategies.”

5 Ways to Listen from the Heart

The secrets to supporting a stressed-out partner.

8 Ways to Be a More Mindful Listener

“Mom, you’re not listening!” I’m accused of this all the time. Perhaps you hear similar things in your own daily interactions? I jump in too fast to finish a child’s sentence. Many…

Are You a Good Listener for the Wrong Reasons?

"Thank you so much for letting me tell you all this," she said, reaching over and patting my sleeve. "I feel like I've been talking for hours, but this really helped me. You're too…

Create Intimacy in Marriage Using Active Listening

Active listening can change everything from the way you interact with others to how you create familiarity in your marriage because you learn to proactively listen to others.

Deep Listening

Dr. Neha Sangwan and writer and coach Jackee Holder say deep listening is the path to wellness

Deep Listening

An excerpt from Living Life in Full Bloom

Gadfly Spirituality

A gadfly is a biting insect reputed to drive animals mad. Twenty-five hundred years ago, the “Lord of the Gadflies” was a philosopher, Socrates, whose biting dialogues launched our Western intellectual tradition. But we forget that he was also a spiritual teacher with powerful tools to nurture our souls.

Hello Sensation: An Audio Meditation for Befriending Your Body

This meditation is a practice of honoring and acknowledging the range of complex sensations and emotions that may be present at any given moment.

If You Really Want to Be Heard, Shut Up…

…And recognize the real struggle with your partner is to hear

Listen with Your Heart

Use this guided meditation as a way to practice listening softly through the lens of your heart.

Listening and Leaping with Naomi Shihab Nye

Nye talks about the ways poetry is a language without explanation.

Living Out Loud

Standing with who you are and offering the song of your life is a sacred act.

Living Your Values

A Nurse Discovers That Most of Us Don’t Know Which Values Matter Most to Our Parents — or Even OurselvesWhen my mother was dying and we both knew the end was near, we talked late a…

Making Things Right

People need and want to die with a dear conscience, with a feeling that the burdens of this life are past, and with a knowledge that their final wishes will be granted. We have the opportunity to help make our loved ones' final days more peaceful. In that process, we bless our families and ourselves.

Music’s Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

An excerpt from Body Intelligence by Joseph Cardillo

Prepare to Listen

An Interview with Krista Tippett

The Delicate Art of Listening

“Close your eyes,” my yoga teacher says. “Don’t open them again for the next 90 minutes.”We laugh a little, like, Is she serious?Then she says, “I’m serious. Don’t open your eyes.”…

The Extinction of Quiet

Noise pollution is linked to health problems and some argue it interferes with our natural connection to the earth. As the world’s quiet places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen?

The Magic of Dialogue

Real dialogue is more than just talk— it’s work. But the payoffs are incredible. One of America’s best listeners shows how it’s done.

The Practice of Becoming Native

It’s not about having a federal Indian card, and surely not about getting a share of casino profits.

The Selflessly Sacred Art of Whooping It Up

Rumi-nations on Music — The Sufi poet Rumi (1207-1273) (Divan, no. 1296)

Come to me, for you are the soul of the soul of the soul of listening.
Come you are the cypress striding in the garden of listening.
Come there has never been, nor will there be, anyone like you!
Come not even the eyes of listening have seen anyone like you.
Come the fountain of the sun lies beneath your shadow;
You hold a thousand Venuses in the heaven of listening.
Even though the roof of heavens seventh plane is high,
The ladder of listening goes much higher than that.
Listening is thanking you, with a hundred eloquent tongues
I will only say some brief points in the language of listening.
When atoms’ embraces are filled by rays of the sun,
All enter into the dance, without the noise of listening.
When love puts his hand on my shoulder, what can I do?
I pull him in the corner, as if in the midst of listening.
Listening recites your praises, both by day and night
The light of your face gives nobility to the place of listening.
You are beyond both worlds when you enter listening.
This world of listening is beyond both worlds.
We are stamping our feet on anything that is not him.
Why? That’s the condition, in the exam of love.
God belongs to you, and you belong to God;
Listening belongs to you, and you belong to listening.
Come —for Shams-i Tabrizi is the very form of love
We all enter into dancing in the midst of listening.

The Sounds of Silence

Unable to take the sheer noisiness of big-city life anymore, I left for a town of 500 people in a corner of Alaska...Sleepless at 1:30, I get up, wrap myself up in a gray blanket, …

The Surprisingly Simple Secrets of Tantric Sex Part 3: Listening with the Body

When it comes to sex, listening goes a lot deeper than hearing.

When You Need Something, Talk to the Right Ear!

Here’s an odd fact: The human right ear is typically dominant when it comes to listening to verbal stimuli, probably because the brain’s left hemisphere is better at processing ver…

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