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Entries tagged with “From the Archives”

50 Great Spiritual Adventures for the Next Millennium

A list of fifty experiences to touch your soul and (maybe) change your life forever.

A Chance to Begin Again

Forgiveness is an absolute necessity for continued human existence.

A Self-Test to Find Your Spiritual Type

Grab a pencil and paper to take this self-test, which appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of Spirituality & Health. Before you venture far to experience other communities in th…

A Snapshot of Religious America

This new reality is not a New York-California phenomenon of the cosmopolitan coasts of America. This is a Main Street phenomenon. There are Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists in Salt Lake City, in Toledo, and in Jackson, Mississippi.

A Time for Silence: On Not Speaking About G--

If we can’t find a way to speak about G— without smuggling in our political, ideological, and general concerns, then it is time to be silent.

Alive with Passion

Faced with a diagnosis of terminal illness, this former “white coat” medical professional chucked the statics and went surfing.

Alternative Pharmacy: Supplements to Open the Heart

Try these herbs and supplements for the physical body and homeopathics and flower essences for the emotional and spiritual body.

An Act of the Heart

Forgiveness is simply and act of the heart. It is one of the greatest gifts of the spiritual life. For most people forgiveness is a process.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Development

The logos (empirical data) is that future robots will likely be smarter, more capable, and perhaps even more sensitive and sensible than we are. The mythos (larger symbolic narrative) is what we make of it. We can see our robotic creations as reminders that, while there are things we cannot know, the most likely path to wisdom is not to become more disembodied like computers but to become more embodied, more human.

Balancing Life by the Rule

The point of a rule of life, for communities or individuals, is that life should be lived in balance, with God as the focal point.

Being There... for the Passing of a Loved One

The experience of dying is often difficult, filled with fears and anxieties for both the dying and for the surviving loved ones. But death is also a mysterious and wondrous process. It involves both body and soul in the greatest transition we are ever called to make. The author has sat with hundreds of dying persons, and has learned that we don’t have to be fearful or intimidated.

Big Brain, Big Choices

Field Notes on Love, Sex, and Morality.

Binding Lessons

Designing and creating your own sacred journal can be an astonishingly simple contemplative practice that results in a beautiful and meaningful space for gathering and safekeeping your dreams. Here, a theologian and bookbinder shows you how.

Can You... Should You... Do You... Trust Your Intuition?

Investigating the sixth sense that nobody fully understands but most of us feel we have — intuitively.

Casting Light on the Pitfalls of 21st-Century Spirituality

As in all centuries, people in the 21st century look to the spiritual for meaning and virtue in daily life; they use spiritual practice to peer beyond the mortality of the body into the eternity of the soul. The big difference between the older forms of spirituality and 21st-Century Spirituality is the movement away from an external authority figure and a movement toward an empowerment of each seeker.

Catching Babies

Birthing women are able to share something that connects them to all mothers, past and future.


Why is contentment so difficult to realize, and how does one find inner stillness, satisfaction, and peace of mind? This article focuses on a basic orientation of our culture that seems to keep us forever discontented, and also suggests some simple, practical ways to find contentment in the only place and time it can be found — here and now.

Creativity that Lasts

Leadership guru Mel Toomey conducted careful studies of situations where extraordinary results had been achieved. He and his colleagues have developed a system called Generative Leadership, enabling leaders to transcend many of the obstacles inherent in complex situations, frequently with transformative results.

Each Other's Stuff

This article appeared in the Fall 2000 issue of Spirituality & Health. As a teenager working in the theater, I was struck by a scene in Eugene lonesco’s The Bald Soprano. T…

From Kitchen Stool to Meditation Cushion

After years of eating compulsively, the author learned that prayer makes it possible to sit down on a meditation cushion and to be a guest at a feast.

Give Us Ten Minutes... We’ll Give You the Kosmos

According to Ken Wilber, the biggest challenge facing our world is not the income gap between rich and poor but the gap in levels of consciousness. “Only by honoring and acknowledging all the various levels in all four quadrants [of the Nesting Universe] can a more generous and inclusive vision be found.”

Growing Together

Acknowledge the child’s innate individuality and wholeness and what parenthood means in terms of the parent’s own growth.

How Do We Speak, and Hear, Across Interfaith Boundaries?

Spirituality & Health's former poetry editor says language is key.

How Doctors Can Help the Dying

In 1994 the prestigious medical journal The Lancet advocated acting lessons for medical students so they "could at least act as if they cared." Thankfully the act is becoming real.

How the World's Wisdom Traditions See Eating as Spiritual Practice

The world's great wisdom traditions all acknowledge the centrality of food; their practices remind us of its deeper meaning, beyond filling our bellies.

Imagery as a Spiritual Practice

For the author, imagination is a spiritual practice, a vehicle of discovery. It is how she checks in with her inner life. "Images help you discover where you are in this moment and what opportunities are available to you."

Imagining Peace

In her quest to depict a world without violence, one artist creates monuments to the human spirit.

In the Beginning is the Brain.... and then come the questions

How can we or can we ever come up with criteria that distinguish us from animals, or for that matter, from a machine? Our spirit? Is it our intelligence? Is it our bodies? Or is it that we tell better stories? From our theologian at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab, here's a new metaphor for Who We Are, 2000.

Insider's Guide to 21st-Century Spirituality

Both new and old approaches to the spiritual quest have strengths and weaknesses. I pray that in the 21st century we will finally learn how to teach the children the age-old tenets of love, harmony, and beauty, and that the fruits of our efforts will be loving people, living in harmony, on a beautiful earth.

Intoxicated in the Spirit of Tobacco

The First Americans understood the joys and addiction of tobacco. (And the nicotine patch/pouch is thousands of years old.)

Invoking your natural sensuality

The greeks referred to mythical images as “gift of the gods.” See what you receive when you visualise these ancient symbols.

Lessons from the World's Religions: Love and Marriage

Because marriage sets the stage for our most intimate contact with another human being, most of the world’s religions have offered believers guidance on both the why and how married life. As the various faith traditions have encountered modern psychology — and one another — some common understanding have emerged about what a marriage means and how to keep it together, but important differences remain.

Life is a Prayer

Millions of Christians -- laity as well as the vowed and religious -- pray the Hours in one form or another. This may be a private practice but is not individualized. To keep the Hours is to enter with one’s fellows into that which has been, which is, and which evermore shall be.

Listening To Your Gut

Some practices for tending the gut have scant basis in anatomical reality… The gut has a mind of its own.

Living Out Loud

Standing with who you are and offering the song of your life is a sacred act.

Making Things Right

People need and want to die with a dear conscience, with a feeling that the burdens of this life are past, and with a knowledge that their final wishes will be granted. We have the opportunity to help make our loved ones' final days more peaceful. In that process, we bless our families and ourselves.

Moments of Grace

Since the Big Bang itself, creation has known a handful of moments with the potential to change everything. At the millennium, we face just such a moment— and humans are the cosmic force that will make the difference for good or ill.

My Right Foot

An acclaimed novelist, friend of Andrew Weil's "since the days when he couldn't afford to fix his washing machine,” and former co-executive producer of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, recounts an odyssey worthy of Achilles to fix her own right heel maybe even her soul. Did she get well because she heard the right message or found the right drug or the right healer? Or was it time itself?

My Spiritual Director

I had been meditating at lunchtime in the cool dark of St. Francis Xavier, a big old church near my office, and called there to ask whether they offered spiritual direction. I was careful to explain to Sister Honora that I was not Catholic, wasn't even a Christian, but had come by my spirituality through my 12-step work with Overeaters Anonymous and Food Addicts Anonymous. "Not an issue," she told me. She would link me with Kathy Duffy, pastoral associate…

Nourishing Young Souls in Secular Schools

What went right? And the answer, though elusive, is quite simple: At the heart of every adolescent experience is an exquisite opening to spirit. An awakening of energy happened when larger questions of meaning and purpose surfaced. This secular school created a place for his soul, and he flourished.

Opening the Heart: Three Stories

Metta, or loving-kindness meditation, helps us to uncover and nurture the qualities of compassion and to bring balance into our lives.

Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Conscious investing not only pays better than unconscious greed, it also makes greedy companies pay attention. Here an activist trader shows how you can sleep well at night while taking part (and profits) in a revolution that may save the world.

Rainforests: Remnants of Eden?

The people of the tropical rainforest have much to teach us about living successfully.

Reaching for Oneness

Fifty years before the Internet, a French Jesuit priest predicted a shift from biological evolution to theological evolution. That God, through technology, would wrap the earth inside a "thinking skin."

Religions at War

The toll of the savagely faithful and two historic new steps toward peace.

Science and the Mystery of It All

The new sciences – like quantum physics – describe a universe so strange and unknowable it’s tempting to find god in the equations. A theologian and historian of science tells why we need to watch out.

Seeking Forgiveness in the World's Spiritual Traditions

Though their beliefs differ, the world’s great religions all affirm the power of forgiveness to set you free.

Solitude in the Faith Traditions

Solitude is a condition of the spirit that is recognized, honored, and practiced by adherents of virtually every major faith. The founders and followers have discovered it, practiced it, and handed it down.

Spiritual Being Seeks Practice

As we learn more about the practices of the world’s great spiritual traditions, the question becomes, how can we each discover what’s right for us?

Stress and the Sacred

Examine powerful stereotypes that have shaped our concept of mental health and well-being — literally what it means to be at our best — and the spiritual dimensions of coping.

Sustainable You

Learn to do a personal inventory to achieve a lifetime of equanimity

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

Emotional trash from the past is unavoidable, but it is not all bad. In limited quantities, it can provide fertile ground for the sprouting of compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Tall Tales, Shaggy Dogs, and Crowd-Pleasing Sagas

Celebrating the ancient art of storytelling.

That Insatiable Craving, that Burning Desire...

Simple conversations can be a huge first step toward weight loss. Through medical and psychological research, the author's program seems to have found a way to make people more aware of a spiritual safety net and to use it to support them as they lose weight.

The Anatomy of an Intuition

A scientific study reveals what intuition looks like and how to encourage it.

The Art of Somatic Cryptology

Deciphering the Language of Illness

The Art of Trying

Practicing the art of trying with an 8-year comeback at the Olympic Trials.

The Bearable Lightness of Petals

Ikebana (“life-filled flowers”) dates back to Crown Prince Shotoku-Taishi (572-621), a founder of Japanese Buddhism. Today there are more than 1,000 schools of Ikebana. One of them, Sangetsu, founded by the spiritual visionary Mokichi Okada, is a practice for creating paradise on earth.

The Changing Pursuit of Happiness

Over the last seventy years, what makes people happy and fulfilled and what motivates us for good or ill has been changing, worldwide, shifting from the “materialist” values to the “postmaterialist” values of people who have grown up with their survival needs taken for granted, marking a shift in world thinking that may have everything to do with saving our planet and feeding our poor.

The Company You Keep: Does it Need Transformation?

Shaping corporations to enhance rather than crush the spirit of employees turns out to be the best strategy long-term for getting rich.

The Forgiveness Teacher’s Toughest Test

Everett Worthington taught others how to forgive. One night, he had to become his own best pupil.

The Generative Game of Life

Sixty years ago Eric Erikson's great phrase "Identity Crisis" became the cry that baby-boomeranged around the world. But until recently it seemed our famous population bulge wasn't…

The Magic of Dialogue

Real dialogue is more than just talk— it’s work. But the payoffs are incredible. One of America’s best listeners shows how it’s done.

The Millennium Games

The brain science is clear that my eyes are not cameras recording the glittering spectacle of you. Nor are you some sort of mirror that allows me to glimpse some part of my “true” self. Seeing you, I am, at least in that moment, at your mercy to be beautiful or ugly, brilliant or stupid, a mouse to manipulate, or an image of God.

The Most Powerful Healing God & Women Can Come Up With

Finding healing tools for surviving breast cancer.

The Question of a Lifetime

T George Harris discusses a daring mission for "us graybeards" with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. The witty leader of the Jewish Renewal Movement and a Sufi-Moslem mystic who brings all faiths together in Philadelphia’s Spiritual Eldering Institute contends that only elders deeply experienced in our different religions can nourish one another.

The Second Coming

What if Jesus Is Buried in the Galilee?

The Spiritual Traditions of Yesterday for the Church of Tomorrow

An interview with Diogenes Allen (October 17, 1932 – January 13, 2013), who advocated the Christian tradition as a rich source of spiritual nourishment at a time when many people have been turning away from tradition and showing huge interest in spirituality.

The Things Called Love

Science is discovering that we share many kinds of love, but they all share roots in an unopenable black box called the limbic brain. Coming to understand what we may never understand about ourselves may allow us to forgive our failures... and to become more loving.

The X Factor is the Answer

Spiritual Rx draws upon the hundreds of books, movies, and audios reviewed by our media editors, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, to offer a toolkit of resources for your spiritual practice. Spiritual Rx is a book (Hyperion, January 2000). In this exclusive preview, Fred and Mary Ann look to some of our most profound contemporary spiritual writers to discover guides, companions, and teachers for the journey into the blessings of unknowing.

Tracking and the Art of Seeing

For Paul Rezendes, sign tracking is, at its core, a meditation.

Welcome to the Great (Interfaith) Swamp!

Making interfaith dialogue a priority: the "other" is our neighbor, our co-worker, our boss, maybe our spouse. Love it or not, each of us is being pushed into more constant and increasingly complex interactions with people of vastly different beliefs and ways of knowing. And, as we know from brain science, it is through such interactions that we create ourselves.

What Do You Wear to Climb the Sacred Mountain?

This dialogue from the God at 2000 conference contains a veritable feast of food for thought. The speakers are scholar of Jewish mysticism Rabbi Lawrence Kushner; distinguished professor of Islamic studies Seyyed Hossein Nasr; social psychologist and Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister; and Karen Armstrong, a former Roman Catholic nun whose A history of God has become an international best-seller.

What Happens if We "Believe in Everything a Little Bit"?

No longer narrow and exclusive, “spirituality” now refers to what happens inside the seeker, who takes charge in the search for meaning. Some speak of “pick-and-choose” or “a-la-carte” spirituality for consumers.

What You Ask is Who You Are

Is the humble question the divine spark that transubstantiates brain into mind and spirit? To recover your birthright to the adventure of becoming and individual, throw the net of your inquiring mind as wide as possible.

What's Really Going On in the Conference Room?

In companies coast to coast, business people are meeting in small groups and talking about how their spirituality and personal values connect with their work.

Yes, Virginia, You Are (more or less) at the Center of the Universe (It's all a matter of scale)

From unimaginably large to infinitesimal, the universe cannot be pictured because it is outside us, not bounded by time, and not restricted to the frequencies we can see.

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