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How to have a story printed in 
Spirituality & Health magazine

Ask yourself:
Do I have something important or helpful to share? Will my story be of service to the readers of S&H? See our 2019 Editorial Calendar below.

The magazine has been in existence for almost twenty years, so we must be doing something right. That said, it’s hard to explain what that is. We define spirituality as “total aliveness,” and most of our stories are about embodied spirituality—except for those that aren’t. Some issues of the magazine contain articles that contradict each other. Such is life.  So many things we are certain about turn out to be wrong—and we find that exciting. While there is a lot to learn by looking backwards at our wisdom traditions, there is new and potentially helpful knowledge being gained all the time.

Our readers are smart and educated people, and we expect our writers to be up to the task.  We try not to preach. Instead, we try to share what we have learned—and typically how we learned it—from science, study, practice, experience, observation, etc.  We expect our writers to know and to share where they are coming from. We often help promote worthwhile books or courses or projects, but we do so explicitly.

We are not doing this to get rich, or to help you get rich.  We are alarmed at the rising disparity between rich and poor. We try to share stories that help people improve their own lives and to create a more fair and just world for everyone.

We are not trying to help people get into Heaven or to avoid Hell or to improve their next incarnation.  The stories we’re looking for are about being happier and healthier people, here and now—for people who look beyond their own lives to the health of their communities, the environment, and future generations.

Some things seem obvious to us: like evolution and climate change. We are alarmed at the state of the environment and at the same time are trying not to become so alarmed that we miss out on being fully alive—in whatever time we have.

How does your story contribute to helping people be more fully alive? How can we become better grounded in ourselves, our communities, and the world we live in? That’s embodied spirituality, and most of our stories are about that.

In Each Issue

We need about 10 stories to fill the front sections of the magazine. The sections are

  • Inner Life
  • Practice
  • Enlightened Diet
  • Healthy Body
  • Relationships
  • Biosphere

The maximum word count for these stories is about 950 words, which often includes a sidebar.  Some of these pieces are excerpts from new books, which we typically do not pay for. Many of the best pieces are stories that our writers love to write or need to write. 

Each issue has three features and one long interview. The interviews are done in house. The three features are either book excerpts or written for the magazine by people like you.  The typical word count is between 1,500 and 3,500 words.

When we buy a story we expect the exclusive right to for the period that the magazine is on sale—as well as the right to continue to use the piece on our electronic media. Once the magazine is off the newsstands, the writer has the right to publish the piece elsewhere.

To Pitch a Story

Send an email to [email protected]  Please do not send attachments. Keep in mind that we get lots of submissions and have room for very few stories. We also have a small editorial staff. If the subject line is not interesting, your email may not get read. Even if it is interesting, we may be overwhelmed with other stories and not respond.  Sorry about that. If you are sure you sent a great query or a great story, wait a couple weeks and send another note that includes the original query or story.  If we still don’t respond, sorry about that.

Art & Photography

Submissions for photography, illustration and visual art can be sent to [email protected]. Please include a link to your portfolio site (preferred), or a selection of 3-5 jpg attachments totaling not greater than 10MB.

Phone calls and submissions sent through the mail will not be accepted or returned.

It may take up to 8 weeks to review your art submission, as we save them until art is needed for the upcoming issue. We may not be able to reply to everyone due to the volume of submitted artists, but please rest assured that we read every email and look at all the art. Your work will be selected if it matches with an editorial subject -- not being selected is not a negative review of your artwork!


To submit books, CDs, DVDs or other media or products for review consideration, please send materials to:

*As of 3/26/20, please submit a press release prior to sending any physical materials.

Please note anything mailed to our offices will not be returned.

Send press releases to [email protected].

To give you some idea of what we are looking for, below is the 2019 editorial calendar. Keep in mind that this calendar is subject to radical change. Also keep in mind that we attempt to be timely, but we have a long lead time before publication.

2019 Editorial Calendar

Kicking Off The Next 20 Years Of Spirituality & Health


January/February - Renewal 

The Total Aliveness Challenge 
Special Section: Transformative Retreats

March/April - Awakening

The Deeper Love of Non Attachment 

May/June - Embodiment

Your Natural Energy Toolkit
Special Section: Best Supplements

July/August - Pilgrimage

How to Know Where You Need to Go 
Special Section: Encore Careers

September/October - Activism

The Link Between Longevity & Purpose 
Special Section: 100 Books We Love

November/December - Celebrate

Practices for Peace 
Special Sections: Holiday Gift Guide, Encore Careers

Enlightening, Empowering, Innovative, Inspiring… Don’t Miss a Word!

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