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Film Review: Weed The People

Its playful title notwithstanding, Weed the People is a tough watch—but it’s definitely worth sticking with it. Abby Epstein’s documentary looks at the use of medical marijua…
Tags: Film Review Marijuana
Cielo film poster

Film Review: Cielo

Alison McAlpine’s visually ravishing documentary takes us to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where various scientists and oddball locals contemplate the immense, crystal-clear night s…
Tags: Film Review Chile
Courtesy Netflix

FIlm Review: City of Joy

The “city of joy” referred to in the title of Madeleine Gavin’s documentary is not a city at all, but a complex that serves as a shelter, rehabilitation center, and education organ…
Film screenshot - Courtesy Netflix

Film Review: Sunday's Illness

AN INTIMATE FAMILY DRAMA shot like a slow-burn horror movie, Spanish director Ramon Salazar’s film centers on an odd, evocative arrangement: An aging, wealthy woman is confronted o…
Tags: Film Review Drama
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Film Review: Strangers on the Earth

TRISTAN COOK’S intriguingly conceived documentary follows the American cellist Dane Johansen as he treks the famous pilgrimage path known as the Camino de Santiago, which stretches…
Tags: Film Review Travel
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Film Review: Far from the Tree

EVERY PARENT at some point has to contend with the fact that their child is a different person, with his or her own desires, needs, and ways of seeing the world. Based on Andrew So…
Tags: Film Review
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Film Review: The Seagull

MICHAEL MAYER’S frantic but atmospheric new film version of the classic play still makes the mistake of so many Anton Chekhov adaptations, which is to deemphasize the comedy. Chekh…
Tags: Film Review
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Film Review: Itzhak

THE GREAT Israeli-American violinist Itzhak Perlman makes for a lively guide to his own life and career in this charming documentary. Alison Chernick’s film follows the 72-year-old…
Tags: Film Reviews Music
Quest film poster

Film Review: Quest

SHOT OVER the course of nearly a decade, Jonathan Olshefski’s absorbing, often heartbreaking documentary looks at the life of one North Philadelphia family, their challenges and jo…
Tags: Film Reviews Drama

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