44 Congazori is a place of beauty, fresh air, and happy people. It is a special place, because the people of Congazori feel connected to their children, their families, their community, and even their neighbour that may be different from them. Congazori is also special because the people of Congazori respect and live in harmony with the land, animals, trees, all people, and plants. They love each other and they love the earth and all of God’s creation. We naturally respect what we love. I love books and reading, so I respect books and enjoy them spectacularly. Now, in some places in the world, people don’t feel connected to each other, to nature, or even to God. They don’t think “What can I do to help?“ Instead, they just say “Sorry!“ when someone falls and spills their tomatoes. I know that this may be hard to believe. I am an old grandmother now. I have seen a lot, talked to lots of people, and learned many things from books and stories. I also like to think about things. Sometimes I think for so long that my head hurts. As an old lady, here is what I think: I believe the whole world can be like Congazori, where every person, animal, plant, our whole planet, and even every child is loved, cared for, and respected. Now, I know that if we are going to have a wonderful world for all seven billion people and the trillions of animals and other living things, that we need to be happy-healthy, happy-safe, happy-loved, happy-fed, happy-well-rested, and mostly connected to the amazing people, animals, air, rain, and all of the wonders on this beautiful Earth that God has asked us humans to care for. It is simple to be nice. It is simple to smile. It is simple to help each other. It is simple to be respectful and learn virtues. It is simple to be happy – just open your eyes and watch an ant scurry on the ground, or a bird sing in a tree, or an old man kneel down to tell a young child a story, maybe a story about Congazori... 44