Soon families, children, teachers, and just about everyone Kuzi Boy knew was doing something. MAKE LAWS TO SAVE THE EARTH Aren’t these beautiful? We will never quit protecting the environment! Lord hear us! “One little girl wrote a letter to the king’s sister, and asked the king to be nice to flowers.” “One grandmother got 100 other grandmothers together and they sat on the front porch of parliament until they changed the laws to protect the environment.” “An imam and a Catholic priest worked together and organized 1,000 people to all pray at the same time, asking God to give the people of Earth the wisdom and love to care for the environment, water, plants, animals, and people. They even got a call from the Pope thanking them for their work!” Walking to work is healthy! No Yellow required for bike riders! “One city had a ‘Take a Walk Day’ asking all who were able to walk or ride a bike to work. Some people walked 25 kilometers to get to work!” 34