Write a letter to the king Dump Yellow in the king’s bed Hire a teacher for the king so he is not ignorant Go talk to the king and queen Write a letter to the queen Teach the Yellow workers a new job like farming or teaching Don’t use products that are made from Yellow Give a speech at parliament Make posters that say “Yellow Miners Go Home!” Write a letter to the king’s children Walk or take the bus or taxi instead of a private car so we don’t use so much Yellow Draw pictures of the mess so people will understand why yellow mining can’t be done near people, animals, lakes, and rivers Take gulu-gulu berries and buzzy-buzzy honey to the families of the Yellow workers so they have food to eat when they lose their jobs Write a letter to the king’s gardener Write a letter to the queen and king’s cooks Send chapi-chapi seaweed to the king so he doesn’t feel hungry and greedy Tell the newspaper reporters to take photos of the mess made by the Yellow drilling Put honey in the Yellow miners’ trucks so ants come and bite the drivers so they go away Put cow manure on the windows of the Yellow workers’ trucks so they can’t find the Yellow Write a story about Yellow so people know how important it is to care for the earth and be responsible Write a letter to the king’s advisers What can we do to stop Yellow from destroying our environment? Tell boda boda riders, car hires, and others they shouldn’t buy petrol from the stations that get their Yellow from forests and rivers 33