Permission is granted to African schools to freely use the materials for noncommercial purposes to create art, plays, stories, teacher guides, activity books, and book review projects for their students and educational community. For all projects, appropriate credit should be given to Bahizi Jovan as the artist and Paul H. Sutherland as the author, as well as including the book’s title, Congazori. We would love to read your reviews or see copies of what you create and may even publish them on our website or Facebook page! Please include your name, your teacher’s name, and school’s name, plus an email address and contact person. This creative/educational book is protected by the good sense and virtue of each person reading it as well as international and local laws and regulations. The message from“a Congazori grandmother”can be freely copied and used by any educational entity or parent for noncommercial purposes, as long as credit is given to the Congazori grandmothers and sourced to Congazori and Paul H. Sutherland. Rights to the contents of this book are owned by Paul H. Sutherland whose creativity, inspiration, and imagination created the Congazori story, characters, grandmothers, and the grandmother’s message. Paul H. Sutherland retains the exclusive rights to the Congazori story, its content, illustrations, characters, art, design, and this complete book for any commercial or business use including but not limited to animation, toys, videos, movies, technology applications, educational publications, games, and entertainment products. Congazori is dedicated to Florence Onyebuchi“Buchi”Emecheta, who wrote books for adults and three books for kids: Titch the Cat, Nowhere to Play, and The Wrestling Match. It is also dedicated to all the grandmothers who know that the peace, happiness, cooperation, responsibility, respect, and love exhibited by the Congazori community are part of the rich heritage and culture of not just East Africa, but all of Africa. The grandmothers said we need to thank the fantastic writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose books helped inspire the desire to tell the Congazori story in a book. Bahizi Jovan designed the cover and created the illustrations for Congazori. Bahizi Jovan is a brilliant Ugandan artist, father, and a good friend to Paul, grandmothers everywhere, aspiring artists and illustrators, and especially the children of Africa, America, Asia, and the oh-so-brave, wise, and smart children of Congazori. ISBN: 978-997-0593-019 Email: [email protected] © Paul H. Sutherland, 2017 Proudly imagined, conceived, created, written, illustrated, designed, printed, and brought into existence in UGANDA. (Well, maybe a bit in Demo- cratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Zambia, and a few other places, but not the North Pole.) An enjuba Successful Child Selection