“If you want your child to attend a good university then have them fall in love with books. How do you do that? You read engaging, fun stories to them that make them say, "Read it again Daddy!" If your young child falls in love with books, universities will fall in love with them. Guaranteed!” - Bahizi Jovan, Artist/Father “Books are toys too! For some parents if the toy car or doll gets a scratch that is okay and expected. But, oh! If a book gets ripped or bent some parents yell at or punish their children. Then parents wonder why their kids don’t want to read and are doing poorly in school. Well, it is because they are afraid of books, because you scared them! Let them have fun with books. Let your kids stack them like blocks or use them to build a fort. And gosh if they spill milk on a cover or get ketchup on the pages, excitedly go tell your wife, "Our son eats and reads at the same time. He is going to do so well in school and life!" - Paul Sutherland, Father /Author “It is not the school’s job to get a child interested in reading. It is the responsibility of whoever is reading this right now thinking about buying a book for a special girl or boy. Get them a book they will love. No one would eat much if all they got was liver and onions every day. Great children's books are about great stories and great illustrations, that make the kids love books as much as they love chocolate, ice cream, or pizza.” -Paul Sutherland, Father/Author "Reading is fundamental and crucial to a child's development: it gives them an academic skill, broadens their experiences, and develops an imagination that opens up a world of creative possibilities." C. Kreutter, Librarian/Children’s Book Author/Mother AMANI THE BODA-BODA RIDER BE HAPPY Written by Paul Sutherland Illustrated by Bahizi Jovan AMANI THE BODA - BODA RIDER Paul Sutherland “The school syllabus covers less than 10% of all the knowledge in the world; the other 90% can only be accessed through reading. That’s why children who are readers end up being much more successful than those who don’t. So set your children on a path to success by starting reading to them whilst they are still young.” - Oscar Ranzo, Author The Adventures of Babi and Bobi