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2003 December

5th Anniversary: The Power of Spiritual Connection


That Mysterious Leap from Mind to Body

To get a sense of where mind/body medicine is going, we need to know where it has been. Here an esteemed historian and philosopher of psychology outlines a colorful history of the discovery of the subconscious, depth psychology, the placebo effect, psycho-neuroimmunology, and neurotheology. It all begins appropriately with a man cured by a train wreck on the way to see his physician…

Better Tools for the Ongoing Work of Living Day to Day

We helped launch Laurel Mellin's Solution as a spiritual cure for overeating, and the response was astonishing. One reader not only lost 85 pounds, he found that his deeper relationship with himself had deepened his own spirituality. Now Laurel has expanded her program of self-nurturing and setting limits to help us all maintain our equilibrium. Her tools are simple and powerful. Best of all, we know they work.

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Spirituality Becomes "Resilience" and Joins the U.S. Army (Includes Self-Test)

In our preview issue, we were the first to publish a self-test to measure the strength of our connection to what theologian Paul Tillich called the “Ground of Being,” our spiritual core. Then a U.S. Army chaplain took the test in the magazine and phoned its creator, psychologist Jared Kass. Much to everyone's surprise, that test has since joined the Army and has been helping to save lives among our troops.

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