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Author: davidji

Healing Power of Sound

The sound experience is a form of meditation and like a healing aural massage.

Touchbreath: Helping You Keep Your Focus During Meditation

Touchbreath is an excellent meditation for those just starting out, as it helps keep your awareness on just one thing – your breath.

Audio Meditation: Open Up Your Chakras

Mantras:“LAM”- chakra 1 (root)“VAM”- chakra 2 (sacral/navel)“RAM”- chakra 3 (sol…

Audio Meditation: Release, Cleanse, and Detoxify Your Energy

Mantra: Om shiva shakti ritamThere are two energies that flow through every mome…

Audio Meditation: Awaken Your Throat Chakra

Mantra: Yaam haam omThis week’s healing vibrations meditation will help us light…

Master Your Emotional Intelligence

Mantra: Moksha moksha namahaIf you don’t know how you feel or why you feel a cer…

davidji Audio Meditation: Manifesting Happiness

Mantra: SattwaHappiness is a choice. And we must remind ourselves that we have a…

Destressifying through The Five Realms of Existence

Whether you are dealing with a stressful period in your life or have just come t…

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