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Random Reactions to the RNC

by Rabbi Rami ShapiroAugust 30, 2012
Random Reactions to the Republican National Convention

As the election season rolls on I become more jaded. I am troubled most by the absence of truth in our politics. Facts don’t matter in America anymore. Truth doesn’t matter in America any more. Maybe it never did, but as Romney pollster Neil Newhouse putsit: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” 'F' the truth.
How did this happen to us? Let me suggest one explanation. In our quest to raise the self-esteem of our kids, we stopped challenging them to be accurate and informed by facts, and started rewarding them for opinionated. Facts became irrelevant, and critical thinking was sacrificed on the alter of an open-mindedness that soon became empty headedness. People are going to vote based on half-truths and outright lies. What kind of government will that give us? The one we deserve.
* * *
Congressman Ryan believes that our rights come from God and nature and not government. Really? He then said “This idea is founded on the principles of liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination and government by consent of the governed.” You can’t have it both ways. If the idea that rights come from God and nature is founded on principles other than God and nature, our rights do not come from God and nature. But even if they did, nowhere in nature do we find the principles of liberty, free, free enterprise, self-determination and government by consent of the governed. And nowhere in the Bible (from which the Congressman gets his idea of God) do we find the principles of liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination and government by consent of the governed.
These ideas come from the 18th century and were in opposition to the oppressive religion of its time. Today we have linked them to the religious tyrannies of the past in order to blind people to the coming religious tyrannies of the near future.
* * *
If you want to see where the United States is headed watch Copper on BBC America.

Rabbi Rami Shipiro

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award-winning author, essayist, poet, and teacher. His spiritual advice column, “Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler,” addresses reader questions pertaining to religion, spirituality, faith, family, God, social issues, and more. His latest book is Surrendered—The Sacred Art: Shattering the Illusion of Control and Falling into Grace with Twelve-Step Spirituality.

He has this to say about religion: “To me, religions are like languages: no language is true or false; all languages are of human origin; each language reflects and shapes the mindset of the civilization that speaks it; there are things you can say in one language that you cannot say or cannot say as well in another; and the more languages you know, the more nuanced your understanding of life. Judaism is my mother tongue, yet in matters of the spirit I strive to be multi-lingual. In the end, however, the deepest language of the soul is silence.”

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