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Lunar Reflections

Author Julie Peters

Julie Peters, the author of Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses, shares her wisdom on building a moon practice.

Have you ever had a moment where you looked up at the moon, maybe full and heavy on the horizon, or bright and blue, high in the sky, and you felt like the moon was looking back at you? Many of us have. We all share the same moon, regardless of where we live or what we believe. But we can also each have our own unique, intimate, personal relationship with the giant pearl in the sky. I  have been working intuitively with the moon for the past several years, and it is an incredibly nourishing and constantly renewable practice. It keeps me grounded in the cycles of nature. It reminds me that I am an animal, that I respond to the natural world around me, and that the needs of my body shift and change, phasing through time just like the moon. Every month the moon waxes and wanes, building light and intensity and then drawing back into shadow once again. When we practice with the moon, we have an opportunity to observe our own waxing and waning, to feel our energy building and receding. Sometimes we feel drawn to action and social connection, while other times we need to slow down and introvert. …

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