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9 Ways to Turn Your Resolution into Your Reality

Inspired by Andrea D'Aquino

Andrea D'Aquino

Try these science-based tips for keeping your resolutions alive.

Turning over the last page in the calendar often brings the desire to turn over a new leaf in life. According to research, only eight percent of people stick with their goals for the new year for longer than 30 days. Luckily, the field of behavior change is making headway in finding out what actually works to help people stick with their resolutions and potentially make lifelong changes. Get Clear on Your Why Making a life change is not easy, and in order to make the change stick you’ve got to connect your reason for the change to the bigger picture. What will your life look like when you are healthier, more present, and have more energy? Spend time imagining that new reality and how it feels, looks, and even smells to get your whole self-involved in living with that changed perspective. Own It  In order for a change to last, it has to mean something to you. It doesn’t matter how much other people, even those you deeply love, want you to make a change. If it doesn’t come from a place inside of you, it won’t be meaningful enough for you to stay with it. You might even end up resenting the peopl …

Kalia Kelmenson

Kalia Kelmenson founded Maui Mind and Body to support women's health. She is the creator of Core Strength Balance and Mind Body Booty Camp and is the editorial director at Spirituality & Health. Kalia explores the fascinating intersection of fitness and mind-body health. Find inspiration for your movement practice from research and stories that are emerging from this intriguing field.

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Discover your vision for a healthy body as you age, establish an exercise routine that finally works or you, and build the foundation or an active lifestyle. Try out her course - Core Strength Balance: A 7-Day Mind Body Challenge.

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