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Compassion Cell Credo

Compassion cell garden view from above

Courtesy Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson offers a call to action: My membership in the human race is my truest belonging.

The following credo is inspired by the compassion cell garden. Read more here. Called into action by the activity of terror cells and other forms of human violence, I live as a compassion cell according to the following commitments:  In a world beset by random violence, I choose to be a compassion cell—a committer of random acts of love, non-judgment, acceptance, inclusion, and compassion. I am a vital part of humanity’s immune system response to terror cells. I am united with countless other compassion cells around the world who know that violence cannot end violence, that hatred will never heal hatred. Only the transformative love of human beings committed to living as compassion cells can lead us from terror and violence to peace.   I practice being compassionate first with myself. Remembering my own immeasurable dignity and worth, I choose to let go of harsh self-criticism, self-judgment, shame, and perfectionism. I treat myself with the kindness I would extend to a treasured friend. I am compassionate even with the imperfection of my self-compassion! Compassion for m …

By Kevin Anderson PhD, psychotherapist. Click here for more!

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