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Destiny is Just A Word


When we let it flow through, beauty and abundance can flourish from one moment to every moment that will follow it.

India, 1983 -- While struggling to finish my graduation, I had also enrolled myself in an evening theatre and earned a few dollars a month. Being interested to join the hotel industry, one day I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper for food and beverage trainees being hired by an extremely prominent hotel.

I applied. In the interview other than the standard questions asked, I was also asked about the beard I had. I said since I was involved in a theatre and was to perform in a play, I had kept the beard. The Personnel Manager seemed to be impressed. I was hired.

As months passed by and my irresponsible way of attitude towards work began, people started taking note. My unruly behavior preceded my every departmental transfer. In about a couple of years’ time I had gained a fairly strong foothold in a few places in the hotel and became a little influential.

That ‘influence’ came in very handy when the hotel was selecting some very articulate, knowledgeable, and presentable staff for the new state of the art French restaurant. I approached one of the senior managers to forward my name. After a few hiccups, I was selected. The training was for about a month and a half. My schedule took me to a few kitchens, restaurants and all of the back of the house departments. One such department was the Housekeeping department. My schedule there was for four days.

On all the four days, the Housekeeping Desk Supervisor happened to be the same lady, whom my friends and I used to admire when she would be seen sitting in the staff cafeteria with the other good-looking friends of hers. Anyways, four days was a great learning experience. She explained to me quite a few things related to her department which were important for me to understand, vis-a-vis the French restaurant I was going to join. We had a little bit of personal conversation and I found out that she was a pass out from a very good English school in Delhi.

Other than the professional inputs which were given to me by that lady, those four days, as I have recalled so many times in life as I looked back did nothing else to me – at least definitely nothing, ‘interesting’ in those four days! It was all business! However, something happened to me or with me, on the fifth day – I did something which I had never done before and will never do it again! On an A4 size paper for which I found a nice envelope, I wrote a daring message. At that time was done, quite mindlessly! I just did it. I just wrote what Someone made me write. Whether I was responsible for writing what I wrote, I don’t know. I only know that it happened to me, with me, or through me. On that piece of paper folded neatly in that white envelope was a proposal. No, not a business proposal. A proposal, from me to her to become my life partner. Did I think about repercussions -- not really! That’s why I said earlier, a daring message written mindlessly.

Later this year in Canada where I live, my family is telling me to give a speech on our beautiful daughter’s wedding day. Yes, our daughter. The mother is the same lady to whom I gave the letter more than three decades ago!

What do I say in my speech? I want to thank someone? Should I thank my mother-in-law, who gave birth to my wife who later gave birth to our daughter? How it all happens? Should I thank the Personnel Manager who hired me or thank the Manager who hired me for the French restaurant? Or just thank the Source – my Mother? Should I thank the newspaper who brought the advertisement to the attention of my eyes? Is that what destiny is all about? My and I guess everyone else’s, life, will have a sequence like this relating to something which must have happened. I ask, who makes it happen. In my case, I am totally convinced, it’s definitely, not ME! Then who? Destiny is just a word!

Bharat Pandya is a motivational speaker/trainer and a coach. He has had a professional career spanning 35 years, having worked in the fields of training and development/hospitality/telecommunications/retail and automobile industry. At present, he runs an Academy of Personal Growth called XSELF and shares his experiences with young adults in the age group of 18 to 30 and helps them to walk meaningfully on their chosen paths.

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