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5 Questions with Lissa Rankin

Lissa Rankin

Monique Feil

1. In The Daily Flame, you offer guidance from the “Inner Pilot Light.” How do you help others to recognize their own light?  I use what Richard Schwartz PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems, describes as the “8 C’s of the Self,” which is synonymous with your Inner Pilot Light. These eight qualities—Compassion, Curiosity, Calm, Clarity, Courage, Connectedness, Confidence, and Creativity—can help you recognize this inner spark within yourself. Your Inner Pilot Light always radiates unconditionally loving energy, like a firm but tenderhearted mature parent.  2. There is a lot of hot anger in the world right now. How is anger connected to our inner flame? Courage is related to hot anger. When anger is channeled through the heart and fueled by courage, your Inner Pilot Light may awaken you to a kind of heart-full anger, which is as fierce and hot-blooded as it is compassionate. This healthy use of anger can help you take a stand against all that is not love in the world.  3. Can you describe the connection between our Inner Pilot Light and our ability t …

Kalia Kelmenson

Kalia Kelmenson founded Maui Mind and Body to support women's health. She is the creator of Core Strength Balance and Mind Body Booty Camp and is the editorial director at Spirituality & Health. Kalia explores the fascinating intersection of fitness and mind-body health. Find inspiration for your movement practice from research and stories that are emerging from this intriguing field.

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Discover your vision for a healthy body as you age, establish an exercise routine that finally works or you, and build the foundation or an active lifestyle. Try out her course - Core Strength Balance: A 7-Day Mind Body Challenge.

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