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The Meals You Don’t Want to Skip

Already a big believer in the value of friends cooking for friends, I became essentially devout.

Grandma’s Teapot

Grandma’s Teapot by Zoey Frank

I am the youngest of three sisters. A few years ago, my oldest sister died of cancer. The time of her illness was taxing for many reasons, one of which was the traveling required near and far to help care for her. When I was deep inside it, this period felt like an endless, fathomless expanse of push and pull, of never quite being where I was. My mind and heart were half at home and half with her, whichever place I happened, physically, to be. And then it ended, as illusions of endlessness often do, and we tumbled, as a family, into the truly endless and fathomless landscape of grief. …

From Extra Helping by Janet Reich Elsbach © 2018 by Janet Reich Elsbach, with illustrations © 2018 by Anna Brones. Reprinted in arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc.

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