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Healing Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Canary Islands by Delphine Lee

How I learned to tame my subscapularis muscles, buried behind each shoulder blade.

In an open-air classroom at the Kalani Retreat Center on the ragged edge of Hawaii’s Big Island, Cain Carroll invites us to sit in meditation: Take a comfortable seat, making sure that your knees are below your hips. If you need to elevate your seat on a block or cushion, do so. With each breath, calmly focus on alignment, noticing that your spine is erect, your shoulders directly over your hips, hands resting gently on your thighs, and head balanced evenly between shoulders and front to back. Now imagine that your whole body is crystal-clear hollow space. Feel the sensation of the interior of your body as clear open space, just like the sky. I feel it and welcome my own inner calm.  This workshop—Heal Neck and Shoulder Pain—is part of the 5th Annual Hawaii Yoga Festival. I’m here because my shoulders tend to get tied up in knots.  Cain, who lives in Santa Cruz, California, teaches self-healing based on wisdom gleaned from yoga, Qigong, and therapeutic movement. He shares insights from these traditions while using simple phrases to coach us through the series of movements he de …

The 6th Annual Hawaii Yoga Festival will be held October 9–14, 2018, at Kalani Retreat Center.

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