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Is Homeopathy Stupid?

illustration of human figure inside leaf

World in a Leaf by Susan Evenson

Homeopaths believe and their patients believe, and that combined fantasy works great until the body can’t heal itself. Or so I believed…

One sunny fall afternoon during my second year of medical school (1976 in San Francisco), the weekly brown bag lunch talk was not given by a faculty member but rather by a rogue homeopath from that radical town across the Bay. Half my reason for attending was my fond defense of my hometown, Berkeley, actively insisting that its citizens were not all halfwit hippies. The handful of attendees behaved well, but I believe we all shared the same impression: “Homeopathy? Sounds crazy! Who made up this hocus-pocus and called it medicine?” Our speaker was the infamous Dana Ullman, who at that moment was facing charges of practicing medicine without a license, after being the target of an undercover sting operation. Ullman was obviously a true believer in his healing practice, and I was sympathetic to that. In fact, all these years later Ullman remains a true believer. He settled the charges out of court, retaining the ability to maintain a health practice as distinct from a medical practice, and has been a practitioner and public advocate for homeopathy ever since. At that first lunch, Ullman explained to us …

Deborah Gordon, MD

Deborah Gordon MD is a competitive rower and paleo aficionado who practices integrative medicine in Ashland, Oregon. She is keenly aware of the need to maintain muscle and bone mass (and everything else) as we age. Much to the surprise of many of her patients, Dr. Gordon recommends hormone replacement on the theory that paleo women would have used it if they could have.

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