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The Heart of Money: Becoming Prepared

<em>Edit Article</em> The Heart of Money: Becoming Prepared

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Question: I have friends who keep gold coins and have food stored up—just in case. I used to laugh. But not anymore. Brexit didn’t make sense. Then India ran out of cash. Now Trump has me worried. Am I being stupid by not being prepared? Paul Sutherland: This is a great question. The truth is that bad things do happen. Part of leading a spiritual life is being able to help yourself and your loved ones and not be looking for others to save you. If you are on an airplane, you know to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. And the first rule for a lifeguard is not to be taken down by a drowning victim. I live in Kampala, Uganda. As I write this, my wife is in Turkey, where there have been two recent terrorist attacks and the country is under martial law. She has cash, we have friends there, she knows where the U.S. embassy is, and she has a plan B, C, and D. We do this because we have met people from all over the world who suddenly had to leave. Most S&H readers live in the USA and tend to believe that coups, bank failures, currency collapses, and such things only happen  …

Paul Sutherland is living in Uganda, encouraging young and old alike to push past fear, contemplate “what if,” and include spiritual preparations alongside practical ones.

By Paul Sutherland. Click here for more!

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