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The Heart of Money: What has happened to America?

<em>Edit Article</em> The Heart of Money: What has happened to America?

Photo Credit: ZHARATE/Thinkstock

I can’t breathe.  What has happened to America? How could Donald Trump get elected? I am so horrified and sad when I think about the next four years.Paul Sutherland: Trump and the 46 percent who voted for him are not the problem. I see the problem when I look in the mirror each morning and when I meditate at the end of the day. That’s when I ask myself, Today, did my every action, thought, and deed reflect living a spiritual life?Frankly, I don’t know what makes us human beings so lazy. We act as if we did something substantial and relevant because we voted, reposted something on Facebook, chatted up an idea, or tweeted about it.If you look at the “Trumps” of the world and say they are the problem, well, then that is a problem. We trump ourselves every time we say, “I can’t believe Trump gropes women/wants to send my neighbors back to a place they don’t know/wants to rid the USA of food, pharmaceutical, environmental, and financial regulations that don’t suit him [or fill in the blank here].”Many who voted for Trump were voting against smug, educated, know-it-alls. Others voted against the status q …

Bonus! Columnist Paul Sutherland recently spoke at a peace conference in Nairobi and handed out six postcards. See the artwork and read their inspirational words here.

Paul Sutherland is living in Uganda, encouraging young and old alike to push past fear, and contemplate a spiritual and practical path each day.

To ask Paul a question, email him directly at [email protected].

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