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Audio Meditation: Release, Cleanse, and Detoxify Your Energy

<em>Edit Article</em> Audio Meditation: Release, Cleanse, and Detoxify Your Energy

Photo Credit: Thinkstock/Activedia

Mantra: Om shiva shakti ritam

There are two energies that flow through every moment: masculine and feminine … Mars and Venus … Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents paternal love that gives us consciousness, clarity and knowledge. Shakti is motherly love that surrounds us with warmth, caring and protection. As they merge with each other, each moment shifts. Even with each breath we balance our Shiva and Shakti as they work together to help release, cleanse and detoxify.

davidji is a mindbody health and wellness expert, Vedic master, mindful performance trainer, meditation teacher and author of destressifying. To join davidji’s free SweetSpot Community and receive tools, tips, techniques, and practices, visit

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