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Tea for What Ails You

How to use herbal teas to treat common health maladies and get back on the path to wellness.

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Tea is more than a beverage; herbal teas contain many medicinal properties. The next time you’re in need of health and healing, head to the pantry—or even your yard—for a cup of tea. Here, a go-to guide for nature’s remedies.Relieve InflammationAre you bothered by sore joints? Do as the Okinawans do and drink turmeric tea. The orange-yellow spice, used in Indian curry and to color mustard, contains curcumin, which has a multifaceted, anti-inflammatory agent shown to provide relief from stiffness and arthritis pain. For a sweet, soothing concoction, consider adding coconut milk and honey.Fight AllergiesAllergy sufferers should reach for green tea. The brew contains a natural compound that may block the production of histamine—a chemical your body releases during allergic reactions, triggering sneezing or a runny nose. Steep the leaves for three minutes and sip in the morning, before symptoms begin.Soothe InsomniaFrustrated by counting sheep? There might be a better way to get your Z’s. Studies have shown that valerian can help you fall asleep faster and even improve the quality of your sleep. Before you …

Sheila Sarhangi is a Honolulu-based freelance writer specializing in social and environmental change. She sips rooibos tea, which is grown in South Africa.

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