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Gain Confidence and Clarity with the Help of an Ancient System

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Chances are you have heard of acupuncture, an ancient Chinese system for bringing the body back into balance by using hair-thin needles on different parts of the skin to activate certain acupressure points. You might also have heard of Feng Shui, a method for balancing the energies in rooms and spaces so that it can flow freely and assure health and good fortune for the people in that space. Embedded in these systems is the Five Elements: both acupuncture and Feng Shui draw almost exclusively on its wisdom.

The Five Elements have been a part of my daily life since I was a teenager.  My mom raised me and my sister to navigate life by understanding how Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal manifested in the world and in people — and this understanding has truly helped me become who I am today.  I have learned how to have patience, understanding and compassion for people when stress, anger and frustration could have gotten the best of me.  My deep knowledge of this system has strengthened my ability to get along with others instead of letting the nitty gritty details of life bog me down.  It has helped me to negotiate tricky situations in work, uncomfortable phases in relationships, and to find a deep and lasting confidence in myself.

Understanding this system and how your elemental combination impacts your life can bring enlightenment and freedom because it can lift you out of judgement.

Though the below are just a few of the questions from the new book THE FIVE ELEMENTS, it’s a good start to discovering what your main elements may be!

Are You a Water?

Under Stress I Experience the Following:






___Lack of Energy

___Tendency to Retreat Within



Are You a Wood?

Under Stress I Experience the Following:



___Muscle tension and tightness

___Frustration and irritation


___Inability to relax

___Eyestrain or puffy eyes



Are You a Fire?

Under Stress I Experience the Following:










Are You an Earth?

Under Stress I Experience the Following:






___Lack of focus

___Tendency to get very emotional



Are you a Metal?

Under Stress I Experience the Following:

___Sudden sleepiness

___Inability to have fun

___A need for control

___Respiratory difficulties


___A critical attitude

___Emotional iciness


___Being rigid

What your score means

Just see which Element, or two, has/have the most checkmarks. You’re on your way to determining which of THE FIVE ELEMENTS describe you best!


Adapted and edited here with selected excerpts, printed with permission from THE FIVE ELEMENTS by Dondi Dahlin from TarcherPerigee, a division of Penguin Random House. Copyright Dondi Dahlin. ©2016.

DONDI DAHLIN is the author of THE FIVE ELEMENTS, as well as co-author of The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mother, Donna Eden. She is also a speaker, and an internationally-acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher. She heads the "Teach the Teacher" program for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in Phoenix, Arizona. Dahlin teaches the Five Elements at the OMEGA Institute in New York and at Eden Energy Medicine workshops around the world. She lives in San Diego. You can find her at

By Dondi Dahlin. Click here for more!

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