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The Heart of Money: Is Going Back to School the Best Way to Invest in Myself?

<em>Edit Article</em> The Heart of Money: Is Going Back to School the Best Way to Invest in Myself?

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Q: I’m thinking about going back to school. Biz school, law school, grad school? I’m not sure which. All I know is that I can’t spend the next 20 years doing what I’m doing, and I think two or three years of school would break me out of my rut. I can handle the expense. What I’m really wondering is if school is the best way for a middle-aged person to invest in myself?Paul Sutherland: A few years ago I met a woman who had spent her life being a nurse and at age 52 went back to school to become a physician’s assistant. A good friend in his 40s took his wife and seven-year old to Dharamsala, India, to study Tibetan/Buddhist medicine. I don’t think either of them went back to school for economic reasons, and neither was financially rich. They went because they felt called.You are not being called. You are being pushed—by a feeling of being in a rut. That is a bigger challenge. It is harder to be motivated by escaping a rut than to be compelled to do something that excites you. But here’s a place to start: In Buddhism there is a teaching that says, “Empty your bowl, then fill it.” You do not have …

Paul Sutherland is chief investment officer of the FIM Group and founder of the Utopia Foundation, which sends volunteers around the globe through


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