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Choose Your Greatest Reality

A channeled work by Leah Baldwin

Choose Your Greatest Reality  takes you on a journey of self-discovery and guides you to a place where true honesty with the self can be reached. You will come to discover all that is holding you back from your greatest reality and a life lived in joy, peace, and love of all things! Let go of all that is holding you back with this channeled work of clarity and depth, and inspire your soul to awaken to a new reality!

Beautiful child of light Divine, we come forth in this time, and in this hour, to speak of a love that radiates to you from the very heart of God himself. Dear child of light divine, we come to speak to you with much seriousness of the love that you are, of the light that you are, and of the beauty that dwells inside of each and every one of you. Waiting for the time when it will be called forth from the depths of you, to shine its light to all that would see you, to all that would feel you, and come to know you. Look well within the self to discover a depth of truth.

Look well within the self to discover a depth of remembrance. Look well within the depths of the self to discover a self not previously known to you, or recognized by you, but is indeed you. The real you. The self that you have been seeking. The self that you have been craving. The self that would satisfy and fulfill your every desire. The one that knows God to be its only source of joy, its only source of love and its only source of true fulfillment.

Dear Ones, look well within the self that you know, to find and discover the self that you do not yet know. The self that is eternal and everlasting. That radiates the love of God and the purity of divine grace. Dear Ones this self is within you, indeed it is you. Unobstructed by false perceptions, the need to be right, the need to control, the need to defend and the need to be better than, greater than, more accomplished than, more together than…

Greater than who?

Better than who?

Your brothers and your sisters that would come to you in the guise of many faces, and many names. The ones that would seem to be separate from you, apart from you, living a life different than you? But I say unto you – these others that you seek to compete with are naught but you, are one and the same as you. They are not separate from you.


By Leah Baldwin. Click here for more!

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