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3 Tools for Conscious Couples

Before you begin, read "Finding the Truth of Who You Are in Your Relationship" in the January/February 2015 issue of Spirituality & Health. Then use the printer icon at the top right of this article to use this resource offline, or work off of this page. Pencil and paper will be required. Step 1: Take stock of your hopes and fears Take a few minutes to think about your relationship and write answers to these two questions. At the end of the exercises, you may choose to share your answers, or not. What do you hope for?What are you afraid to reveal? Step 2: Learn to see through your partner's eyes Each of you should take 20 minutes to complete the following statements. As you do, notice whether you resist telling the truth. Then ask yourself whether you are willing to discover what deeper truth the resistance is protecting. When you are finished, sit facing each other and make eye contact. Choose who will go first to read his or her answers aloud. Don't embellish or explain. Just read what you have written. Meanwhile, your partner's role is to listen as a true friend. As you listen, try not to react. …

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