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True Believer

Writer Jane Ganahl wonders: How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from activist—to fanatic?

Doing my morning scan-and-trash of the emails dumped into my in-box during the night, I pause and stare. “Win a fur!” says the cheerful subject line from a fashion website founded by a friend’s wife. It asks me to click here to comment, which will put me in the running to get an exotic fur jacket from the Southern Hemisphere.“Are you kidding me?” I whisper. To my way of thinking, with all the stylish faux fur out there these days, supporting the carnage that has launched a thousand anticruelty campaigns around the world makes no sense. Enraged, and without thinking, I click through to the contest, where dozens of women have already left comments oohing and aahing. The comment I leave, written in angry haste, is short on enthusiasm and long on sarcasm. I end it with the words, “Shame on you!”Feeling only vaguely satisfied, I pause to ponder my actions and wince at the tone I’ve taken, which is only too familiar. As a misbehaving child in church school, I heard that phrase often, delivered with an angrily pointed finger. I left the church when I became an adult, turned off by the fanaticism that Christian …

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