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So What's It Really Like to Run a Sensory-Deprivation Flotation Tank

Ask a Practioner

Name: Allison WaltonTitle: Owner, FLOAT Floatation Center and Art GalleryLocation: Oakland, CaliforniaYears operating: 8Rates: $75 per one-hour float for adults; $65 for students, seniors, and veteransOnline: thefloatcenter.comHow did you get interested in flotation therapy?I was a teenager in 1980 and watched the movie Altered States. Eventually, I was able to try floating in my 20s. I couldn’t relax my brain and fought it the entire time. After my hour, though, I thought it was interesting and that I could do it again. Later, on my way to see a friend, my car broke down. It was so stressful, but I was completely calm. Floating had worked! I would not have known about the positive impact if something bad had not happened. Now I’ve been floating for 17 years to help with stress management. Floating is the lazy person’s yoga. I know how to meditate without ever learning.How does it work?When you float, without any external stimuli present, your central nervous system’s workload is reduced by up to 90 percent. Floating is great for jet lag and any type of exhaustion. It’s also good for the grumpies or jus …

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