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Renewing Our Relationship with the Earth

Forget about economics and policy. Valuing the earth reconnects us to ourselves.

Terrain Wreck Series: Organ Factory by Jeromy Morris

The husband-and-wife duo of John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker are co-directors of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University. In their new book, Ecology and Religion, they reflect on the role of religion in solving our current environmental crisis. Religions often draw on symbols and stories to open the world to interpretation and meaning. What can this approach offer those of us in the environmental movement?Mary Evelyn Tucker: Environmentalists have been working to address ecological issues for many years by means of science and policy, law and economics. These approaches have had effect in terms of legislation but not necessarily in terms of behavioral change. We need to incorporate religion and spirituality, philosophy and history, literature and the arts. These disciplines show us how humans are moved by beauty, love, story, and symbols. Storytelling and symbolic consciousness bring us into emotional, intuitive, and embodied ways of relating to the earth. These ways of knowing are different from the rational, empirical method of science or the legal reasoning of law. You write about the …

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