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Care of the Soul: This Fractured, Heavenly World

I disappoint many people, and sometimes myself, by not being more obviously spiritual. I don't go to church and rarely meditate in a formal way. I wear ordinary clothes and eat an ordinary diet. I have an aversion to much of the language I hear and read from today's spirtual sources. I don't aim to be whole, I don't feel a need for a special community, I don't want to live in the present, and I would rather figure out how to be comfortable in life's complexity and darkness than find the light.I got some of this from my father, who was one of the most religious and spiritual people I’ve known. He was a devout Catholic and went to Mass at every opportunity. But he wouldn’t suffer piousness. Once he told me he was going to a church meeting just to stir up discussion and represent contrary views. Someone has to do it, he said.My father died two months after turning 100 years old, and people often ask me the secret of his longevity. He loved people, enjoyed the simple things, had a constant curiosity about how the world works, and loved being around children and playing with them. He was also a born teacher …

A psychotherapist and former monk, Thomas Moore’s latest book is A Religion of One’s Own.

By Thomas Moore. Click here for more!

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