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3 Heart-Opening Hand Mudras


 Try these hand mudras for a heart-opening meditation.

1 Fea Shiva Abhaya Hridaya Credit Demetri Velisarius Xts

Abhaya hridaya mudra, “Courageous Heart.” With your hands in front of your heart, release any fear or doubt by feeling the awakened presence emanating from your heart.

2 Fea Shiva Hridaya Mudra Credit Demetri Velisarius Xts

Hridaya mudra, “Heart Consciousness.” After getting your fingers in position, lower your hands to your thighs, and feel the calming, heart-generating energy.

3 Fea Shiva Surya Prana Mudra Credit Demetri Velisarius Xts

Surya mudra, “Solar Radiance.” Experience the activating energy of the sun in this simple hand mudra.

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