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The Heart of Money: "Should I Go On A Financial Cleanse?"

Consider your purchases to create lasting joy

Every January I go on a cleanse to kick off the new year. This year, I’d like to put my finances on a cleanse as well. What is the most common financial “baggage” you see people carrying around, and what are your tips for “out with the old, in with the new”?Paul Sutherland: First, try thinking: out with the new, in with the old. Look in your closet and ask yourself, Do I really need more clothing? Could I go a year without buying one thing that is new? If the answer is no, try finding what you need in a thrift store. And if you have a car and are thinking about replacing it, ask your mechanic if it has a few more years on it. If it’s still mechanically sound and the only reason for trading it in is appearances, get it detailed and keep it a bit longer.A financial cleanse starts with a desire to lead an engaged, happy, vibrant, balanced spiritual life. As we progress in our spiritual development—and start feeling happier as we learn to live in the moment—we no longer turn to shopping and consumption for a sense of fulfillment.Take a moment to think about your last purchase. Did it lasting create joy? Was …

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