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Are You Comfortably Stuck in the Status Quo? Eckhart Tolle Says "Wake Up!"

Are you a “frequency holder"? Eckhart Tolle shares his wisdom on embracing life’s challenges.Some people are quite happy with having a job that provides them with enough money to live on, but they don’t have great ambitions for the world. They’re happy doing the small things that they’re doing.But if you just want a comfortable life, and if you achieve it, to some extent there’s a danger that you may go to sleep without knowing it, metaphorically speaking. Fortunately in the case of these “frequency holders,” they will eventually find their challenges. Life is challenging even for frequency holders! That will keep them awake, and that’s good.In some ways, I’m a frequency holder who got challenged to go beyond his natural inclinations. Life said, ‘No, you have to come out into the world. There is something to do here.’ Talk to 2,000 people tomorrow evening? It’s OK for Tony Robbins but not so much for me. It was a big challenge for me to come out of just wanting to remain in a “being” state and (enter) more into a “doing” state. …

By Karen Bouris. Click here for more!

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