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DIY Quiet: six tips to find your stillness

The neighbor’s smoke alarm is beeping, demanding a new battery. A kid is bouncing on a pogo stick out in the yard—squeak, squeak, squeak. Trying to focus on a task can be challenging with all the sounds interrupting us . . . excuse me, a helicopter is hovering overhead. OK, I’m back. What was I saying? It’s true: the world is a noisy place. Yet there are ways to create an inner sanctuary, even as distractions pop up around us.Think bigIt sounds counterintuitive, but try becoming exquisitely aware of all the sounds around you. “Focus on your heartbeat and breath, and then the sounds inside the room, and the sounds in the building, the sounds outside the building,” says Misa Hopkins, the author of The Root of All Healing and a sound healer. Gradually bring your awareness back in. “Focus on the sounds you want to hear rather than the sounds that are there.”Become vulnerable“Often, distraction is caused by fear,” says Seth Godin, the founder and CEO of Squidoo and the author of 14 books on leadership and business. Fear of? “The quiet, the truth, fear of putting something into the world and saying, ‘Here, I …

Kathryn Drury Wagner

Spirituality & Health’s Wellbeing Editor, Kathryn Drury Wagner, is based in Savannah. She’s been a contributor to the magazine for many years, and she loves sharing ways to build a healthy, mindful, and sustainable lifestyle. 

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