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A Food Cure for Inflammation

Herbalist Kathy Abascal is on a mission to change the way we eat, with her TQI (“to quiet inflammation”) diet plan.

What led you to create a diet for inflammation?In my late 50s, I began feeling the effects of aging. My shoulders froze up and I threw my back out, and then I discovered my blood pressure was at the point where they start prescribing medication. Plus, I was gaining weight and unable to lose it.Did you try other diets?I’d put on a good 35 pounds during the past decade, and I’d done stints on Weight Watchers twice. But it was the classic yo-yo syndrome of losing weight and then gaining it all back over a period of years. Suddenly, though, I could no longer lose the weight simply by cutting calories. I realized that the weight was just one of the symptoms that my body was having problems—it wasn’t the total problem. So cutting calories wasn’t going to solve my body’s problems, either.How did your background in biochemistry and as an herbalist come into play?I’d done a lot of reading and writing about how food and chemicals are processed in the body. And I knew that the components of food affect the organs, tissue, and joints—as well as emotional health—far beyond calorie counting. I focused on reducing inf …

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