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And the Livin' is Easy

What summer means to members of the the S&H family.

A season of innocence, simplicity, and endless possibility, when there is no more life-affirming act than doing nothing at all, we asked our staff and contributors to share their favorite memories of summertime.Building a backyard fort that consisted of blankets and our jungle gym, and then sitting in the shade with my dog, a good book, and a box of Cap’n Crunch.  —Jennifer HauptI made an athletic practice of running after the shadows cast by clouds moving in front of the sun in the open field across from our house. Collapsing onto the grass afterward was a sensory treasure trove. —Julie EakinLying on my horse bareback while she munched on our front lawn. —Kim Rosen Grape Popsicles, catching fireflies in canning jars and then putting wax-paper tops on the cans and poking holes in them. (We let the fireflies go when we went to bed.) —Geri LarkinPlaying badminton with my sister on the concrete driveway until the late dusk made it too dark to see. Crickets chirping, fireflies alight, a chill in the air, and the smell of milkweed plants. —Sandra SalamonyA summer camp in the foothills of the Sierra …

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