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Patience: Don’t Rush the Rising

Producing food on an industrial scale presupposes a trade-off or two. Unfortunately, nutritional value is one of the first things to be sacrificed when food companies seek to make their products easier to produce and last longer. When bread experienced its industrialized transformation, food scientists worked with plant breeders to create an affordable (high-yielding) wheat hybrid, farmed with high doses of nitrogen, potash, and phosphorous fertilizers. Next, they sought to refine the resulting whole grain down to a snowy-white, oxidization-resistant flour that could last for several months — all at significant vitamin and mineral loss.In the processing of whole wheat to 70 percent extraction white flour, 77 percent of thiamine is lost, as is 80 percent of riboflavin, 86 percent of vitamin E, 84 percent of magnesium, 77 percent of potassium, and 60 percent of calcium, to name just a few. Last, they developed a bread-making method that uses an assortment of enzymes and additives, along with ultra–high-speed mixing. This produces a squishy, cotton-like loaf with scarcely any nutritional value, or flavor.P …

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