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Resurrection in the Farmer’s Market

A growing number of American farmers are sharpening their plant research and botany skills in an attempt to resurrect long-lost vegetable and fruit varieties. All of which is exciting news to adventurous farmers market consumers — including more than a few professional chefs — who are learning to seek out the “odd” bin in hopes of discovering something new. What’s inspiring this revival? Equal parts capitalism and curiosity, as it turns out. The marketplace is more competitive, so farmers need to introduce new products to satisfy their loyal customers. Many of them also turn to restaurant chefs in an “if I grow it, will you buy it?” arrangement. Ultimately, everyone wins, even the environment, which benefits from increased biodiversity.If your summer menus are feeling stale, try adding some of these oddball and heirloom plants that are growing in popularity across the nation.PURSLANE: Extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids, this tangy and delicious leafy green can be eaten raw, ideally when its leaves are tiny, and can withstand sautéing and even grilling as the plant matures.STINGING NETTLES: While it’s …

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